The project: DISCOVER PEACE IN EUROPE helps you discover what you want to know about civil engagement, peace and democracy. This website presents smart Peace Trails in seven European cities: Berlin, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, The Hague, Turin and Vienna. These Peace Trails offer discoveries: monuments, buildings and locations that you may have seen before, but now they reveal stories about people and their engagement with human rights, peace and democracy often unknown to most of us.

We want to draw awareness to peace matters. Since the 19th century peace movements have emerged throughout our cities. Through outdoor learning processes, facts and stories, the peace trails uncover important aspects of the history of civil society and democracy. Many monuments in our cities display "heroes of wars", but peace and human rights are also subjects for a memorial culture. This promotes personal reflections on our own participation. Only a change in thinking will bring about change in actions.

Peace depends on the people. Participation is necessary for the development of democracy. The peace trails offer information, suggestions and opportunities for active engagement in democracy building, social agency and peace matters.

Manchester is often referred to as 'the world’s first industrial city'. Its political history inspired new ways of thinking about, and working for, human rights and democracy in the modern world. The city has a long and proud history of making learning, equal rights and culture accessible to all its citizens, and to welcoming visitors of all backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs. Manchester City Council represents Manchester in a range of political, social and cultural settings, promoting a culture of peace. It declared Manchester’s status as a Nuclear Free City, and supports its membership of the Mayors for Peace organisation. You can find out more in the Discover Peace: Manchester trail, created by Manchester City Council with the support of local education, heritage and community groups.

This trail begins and ends in the heart of Manchester city. You can walk the whole trail at a relaxed pace in up to 2 or 3 hours, or you can look at a few stations in less than half an hour. The trail can be adapted to focus on your own area of interest - for a list of other organisations that might be of interest, http://www.manchesterpeacetrail.org.uk/links/index.php. Please checkCouncil websites for road closures and other changes to the city landscape. All stations are close to Metrolink stops. We hope you enjoy walking this trail and seeing the city in a different light.

Manchester City Council website: www.manchester.gov.uk


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